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Expand Your Business—Partner With AnswerNet!

AnswerNet provides a full range of inbound, outbound, and automated call centre services. Partnering with a Call Centre will also connect to your clients' contacts with live agents, voicemail, or even Interactive Voice Response (IVR). With omnichannel capabilities, we can offer services to supplement your existing programs. Additionally, our services are available in English and French, as well as other languages through our translation partners. We also provide TTY for the hard of hearing.

Are your clients asking for services you currently do not offer?

Are your clients asking for services you currently do not offer?

Do you suddenly have more call volume than you can handle? Are you seeking a company that can help expand your business, examine business opportunities, and/or enable you to grow in new directions? By partnering with a call centre AnswerNet can help to build and maintain your business, boost relationships with your customers, and tap into new markets. We can assist you in any business direction.

partnering with a call centre

Indirect Partner

We can work directly with you, bundling our services seamlessly into your proposal and providing you sales training or support to help get the sale.


You can support your revenue stream by sending customers directly to us. We will pay you for the referral.


White label our services to expand your business offerings.

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