Call Centre Testimonials

What our customers say…

AnswerNet has a variety of call centre testimonials because we have worked with a diverse range of clients throughout North America with many different campaign needs and objectives. We have invested heavily over the years in people and technology to ensure we have the ability to provide customized solutions and service from start to finish.

The end result that we value above all others is the satisfaction expressed by our clients at the end of a successful campaign. The following clients have all trusted AnswerNet to handle their campaigns. We are proud of the impact we have had in helping them to sell their products and services, enhance their business brands, develop loyal customers and reduce their costs.

The following testimonials were provided by customers of our Toronto (AnswerNet – TelePartners) and Winnipeg (AnswerNet – IMI) call centre locations.

Our Toronto Call Centre Customers…

call centre testimonial chironex


“We are very pleased to see how well the AnswerNet-TelePartners Team has worked for us based on our needs and wants, all the while providing great customer service.

We appreciate AnswerNet-TelePartners’ flexibility when change or add-ons are needed within our campaign, as well as the dedication from the AnswerNet-TelePartners team to help CHIRONEX grow within this project. The outbound agents have worked hard in representing CHIRONEX on our behalf with great care to keeping the image we wish to represent to potential new clients, providing us with great results. From customer service to reporting cost, CHIRONEX is proud to be in a partnership with the AnswerNet- TelePartners team.

We will most certainly keep AnswerNet-TelePartners in mind for any other outbound calling campaigns that may come! As for now, we will continue working with the AnswerNet-TelePartners team on our current project.

We appreciate the hard work and the efforts made! We are looking forward to continuing our working relationship.

Best Regards,

Mina Keriakos – Product Manager”

Call Centre Testimonial Hus Tek

Hus-Tek International:

“Hus-Tek International, Manufactures of the MOBICOOL product line, is very happy with the results coming from the Outbound/Inbound French Agents Team, who continually work hard in representing Hus-Tek International on our behalf with great care to keeping the image we wish to represent to our clients, providing fantastic follow up and product knowledge, with great success.

We are very pleased to see how well the AnswerNet-TelePartners Team has worked for us based on our needs and wants, all the while providing great Customer service. We appreciate AnswerNet-TelePartners flexibility when dealing with time-sensitive issues within our campaign, as well as the dedication from the AnswerNet-TelePartners Outbound French Agents to help Hus-Tek International grow within this project.

From Customer Service concerns to Reporting Cost, Hus-Tek International is proud to be in a partnership with the AnswerNet-TelePartners Outbound/Inbound French Agents Team.

We will most certainly keep AnswerNet-TelePartners in mind for any other Outbound/Inbound Calling necessities that may come!

As for now, we will continue working with the AnswerNet-TelePartners Outbound/Inbound French Agents Team our current needs.

Looking forward to continuing the partnership-

Best Regards,

Soren Dumrath


Lawyor Realty:

“Subject: Reference Letter

We have been one of AnswerNet -TelePartners’ longest standing clients.

We are a small real estate company and have had AnswerNet – TelePartners answering our business lines for over 15 years now.

We love that personal feel when there is a live person answering our phone lines. Even though it’s an answering service, people feel like they are getting a personal touch.

We are absolutely thrilled with their service. It takes so much work off of us as we are extremely busy and in most cases on the road – to have them answer our business lines, receive and send our daily messages and make and confirm appointments for house viewings, doing so as efficiently and courteously as we could expect.

Customer service is bar none the best, you really feel like they want to do the absolute best to help with your business. Georgina Kasmetis, Broker of Record

Harris Broadcast Communications Division: 

“To whom it may concern
Harris Broadcast Communications Division, formerly Leitch Technology Incorporated, has dealt with AnswerNet – Telepartners since 1997. During which time they have provided our business and our customers with excellent support throughout the years we have been in using them. Their contribution has been a major factor in our ability to handle our customers 24/7 on a worldwide basis. They have continued to work and evolve in meeting our business and customers’ needs as we expand, while offering constructive feedback in areas that require attention. Their staff are friendly and courteous, bringing proficiency with every request handled. I can confidently recommend Answernet – Telepartners as a solid and reliable partner, and a true professional in their field. Sincerely,
Sadeek (Sid) Mohamed
Customer Service Supervisor – Toronto
Harris Corporation, Broadcast Communications Division”


Hobart Food Equipment:

“We are more than happy to extend this letter of thanks to you and the entire team at TelePartners in continuing to provide Hobart Food Equipment Group Canada with high quality emergency service. It is now five years of service and as a team we seem to keep doing better and better job in helping our customers.

We started with our Toronto Service branch, added Edmonton Service and now have out entire service client base across Canada being handled by your centre.

Hobart is the worlds leading innovator of food equipment, systems, and service, and we especially pride ourselves in the level of service we provide to our valued customers. TelePartners not only understand but embraces this concept in professionally answering, and forwarding after hours emergencies to designated, on call technicians in a timely manner.

Thank you for a professional job well done. We would recommend TelePartners to any company looking for great service at a fair price.

Ken Booker

IS & Communications Manager

Hobart Food Equipment Group Canada”

Canadian Tourism Commission:

Oliver Martin, US Leisure Marketing

“Since January 2002, TelePartners has been the principle service supplier for the Canadian Tourism Commission’s US Consumer response operations. During this time, TelePartners has demonstrated professional service and a dedication to our business.

Thank you for all the efforts of your people and your support throughout these two years. We have been extremely satisfied with your high level of service”

Danier Leather:

Kevin Strachan (Vice President) “As always, we are pleased to provide you and your team a reference letter, after all you’ve earned it.

Since we launched our website ( in the Fall of 1999, TelePartners has consistently provided quality telephone and web chat support and service. That has provided tremendous value for money based on your understanding and accurate interpretation of our business needs. You consistently listen and respond, showing initiative and leadership in your field. As well as the consistency and quality of service provided, we appreciate the responsiveness and accurate followup on the inevitable unexpected or difficult customer situation.

We have no trouble in recommending the entire TelePartners team and sharing our positive experiences with potential clients. Should anyone be looking for additional information or have questions, please do not hesitate to refer them to me directly.”


Cecilia Findlay (Director, Sales & Distribution)

“This letter is long overdue. On behalf of Canada, Inc., I am pleased to express our thanks, in writing, for the great service that TelePartners has been providing for The Company,(formerly Sienna Software) since 1998.

In the last few months, there has been an increase in the volume of calls and yet the level of service from the TelePartners’ Team has continued to be top-notch. We are very impressed with the quality of service being provided as well as the accuracy of the orders being processed. The “can-do” attitude of the staffers at TelePartners is a major contributing component of the success enjoyed to date.

Your efforts are much appreciated by everyone here at Canada, Inc. We would certainly not hesitate to recommend TelePartners to anyone seeking call centre services.”

Our Winnipeg Call Centre Customers…

Children’s Miracle Network

Morgan Rohrbach
Development Officer

“Children’s Memorial continues to entrust our radiothon answering service in the hands of AnswerNet. They provide amazing service and are on-call every hour of the day to help ensure the success of our events “

Nature Trade Center, Inc.

Rob Riess, CEO/President

“My direct mail order business regularly produces high call volumes that need to be handled both effectively and efficiently. Since switching 100% of my call center business over to IMI’s First Contact Center, my costs have greatly decreased while the conversion rates on our initial offers and upsells have improved dramatically. IMI is doing a great job for us!”

Interwood Direct

Silvyn Naidoo, Chief Operating Officer

“IMI has played an integral role in the building of the Interwood Direct Brand for the past 15 years. We look upon all the members of their staff in the various departments as an extension of our own. Their operators are the first and often the only contact that our customers have with us.

We have entrusted them with receiving our calls, processing the orders and also handling our customer service. We look forward to working with IMI in the achievement of our goals.”

Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.

Gary Gerard, Vice President

“When someone reaches out to participate in one of our ministry programs, how each call is handled is very important. As a result, we need to work with a call center that can be efficient and at the same time be sensitive to the needs of our donors and callers.

IMI has been serving the call center needs of 100 Huntley Street for many years now. We are very pleased with the services they provide and they have definitely gained our trust and confidence.”

Whitney Worldwide Inc.

Les Layton, President

“For more than 15 years, I asked our people about exploring a 24-hour toll-free telemarketing service for a 3M business we had acquired. Too expensive for the number of calls we get in the evening, I was told consistently.

Finally, I decided we needed to be able to take orders on the weekends and be open longer for customers on the East and West Coast. It was a wise decision. The folks at IMI have done an excellent job. And unlike many other inbound telemarketers we have used for client projects, our customers can easily understand the IMI operators. They speak the King’s English. Hats off to IMI.”

Thane Direct Canada, Inc.

Patty Booth, Vice President

“At Thane Direct, part of our historical success at delivering quality products and a high level of service to our customers is the close relationship we enjoy with some of our key suppliers. In Canada, IMI First Contact Center has definitely played a pivotal role in providing … our order processing and customer service needs. IMI is a contact center you can trust!”