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Auto-Attendant, an Automated Receptionist


A 24/7 Automated Receptionist

Avoid missing calls. Handle numerous calls at the same time. Auto-attendants handle
the calls your receptionist can't.

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Auto-Attendants: Your 24/7 Automated Receptionist

Auto-Attendants can handle the calls your receptionist can't...

Your office may receive many more calls than your receptionists can handle.


Also, you receive calls when your receptionist is not there (lunches, breaks, after hours and on weekends).


Our auto-attendant technology can be your automated receptionist 24/7. Use an auto-attendant to answer all your calls, or just those that can't be handled by your switchboard personnel.


Ask us about linking our auto-attendants into our full-featured IVR system to provide FAQs and CRM solutions, or connect them to our voicemail services.


AnswerNet's auto-attendant service is easy to set up, deploy and modify. You will have a number to call to change your greeting and call routing.


With us picking up the lines you'll be free of investing in, integrating and maintaining the technology.


Simply contact us and together we'll work out a process for when and where you want your calls directed and also what you want us to say to callers.



  • Efficiently route all calls
  • Welcomes callers with personalized messages based on business hours, non-business hours, weekdays and holidays
  • Tansfers calls with a set of options such as dial by name and dial by extension
  • Transfers calls without sending busy tones to the callers
  • Call forwarding feature routes business calls from the official numbers to alternate phone numbers including cell phone numbers



  • Efficiently handles numerous calls at the same time
  • Eliminates Any Possibility of Missing Calls
  • Remain in constant contact with your customers
  • Control your business from any geographic location
  • Costly equipment is not required

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