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Cell Phone Answering Service - Personal or Business

Cell phone answering service is a personal and business necessity...

If you spend much of your day in a vehicle, you know that cell phones are a business necessity. Some companies even use cell phones in place of land lines as their only business phone service.


If a mobile phone is essential to your work, and your work frequently puts you on the road, an answering service will keep you legal ­and safe.


Cell phones are vital for business, but using them on the road can become a cautionary tale. Don’t become a crash statistic or pay huge fines; discover the top five reasons you need an answering service for your cell phone – it’s affordable and easy to start today.


Top Five Reasons You Need a Cell Phone Answering Service:

1) Safety

From phone calls to texting and everything in-between, the impact of mobile devices on driving safety is a growing concern. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s website,, states, “Drivers who use hand-held devices are four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves.” (Ref:, 2010). The horror of a fatal car crash because you were distracted by your cell phone is unimaginable.


The use of hands-free devices helps somewhat, but nothing replaces having your full attention on the road.


The use of a cell phone answering service can eliminate the number of calls answered while driving.


2) Cell Phone Law

Many states and communities—with more being added every day—have laws that limit or ban the use of mobile devices of any kind while driving. As a business professional on the road, there is a real temptation to answer a ringing cell phone. If you do, you may be breaking the law and can face serious fines. If you don’t, you may be losing a customer. It’s a distraction that could lead to a serious accident.


There’s a better way: a cell phone answering service. The caller speaks with a live person who can handle requests for you, take a message, and/or screen your calls so you can pull over to take only the urgent ones.


3) Emergencies

Of course, you could decide not to respond at all while driving and send all calls to voicemail. But, what if a new customer, a current customer or a family member has an emergency? Some calls you need to take as soon as safely possible. A cell phone answering service is a responsible and safe solution.


4) Improved Profits

Two-thirds of callers will hang up and not leave a message if they get your voicemail. You could miss signing a new customer or you could lose an existing one. You could staff your office to take all your calls, but that can be very expensive—especially for a small business owner.


How about a more profitable choice? Sign more customers, keep existing customers and reduce staffing costs by using our cell phone answering service. More prospective customers get to talk with a live person and get better customer service. Save money by eliminating or reducing the need to employ full-time staff.


5) Health, Happiness and Success

Are you getting too many cell phone calls? How about cell phone calls coming in while you are meeting with a client? How many calls do you want to take if you are in the middle of a roofing or tree trimming job? Too many calls at the wrong times can become stressful and interrupt the flow of your business day.


Use our cell phone answering services to provide customer service, screen your cell phone calls and schedule your appointments for better time management, productivity and peace of mind.

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