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Dispatch Services

Dispatch Service

24/7 Answering and
Dispatch Services

Notify emergency responders, sales staff, service technicians, and repair teams - - and send them where they are needed.

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Dispatch Services

24/7 Dispatch Services for emergency services, towing companies, locksmiths, installers, technicians, repair crews... and more.

When you think of dispatch services, what comes to mind?


An emergency! And that is where AnswerNet Dispatch Services can be the voice of reason to your customers, managers, employees or drivers.


AnswerNet lets you be a beacon on a dark night when a car needs towing, a friendly voice when someone is locked out and needs a locksmith, an efficient cool headed expert for emergency services or a well-versed process manager to dispatch technicians, repair staff, or installers from your company.

Prompt, Accurate Dispatching

  • We will provide you with a local or toll-free number that is answered by our agents 24/7.
  • We stand ready to take detailed, accurate messages and dispatch them out to your mobile device.
  • Our professional, trained agents verify messages and dispatch them within seconds.


Notify your sales staff, service technicians, and repair team and send them where they are needed with AnswerNet's Message Dispatch.


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