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Medical Answering

Medical Answering

A 24/7 HIPAA Compliant
Medical Answering Service

Manage your schedule and serve patients better with our Medical Answering Services.

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Medical Answering Services

Medical Answering Services personalized to your needs

Your medical-related calls can range from changing an appointment to a life-threatening emergency.


AnswerNet’s Medical Answering Service can prioritize your callers and help you deliver the care and attention patients need.


We're on call 24/7/365 for overflow, after-hours and emergency calls with English and French-speaking agents and many more languages through our interpreter partners.


Message delivery, online appointment scheduling and appointment reminder services are all personalized to your needs.


Medical Answering Service Personalized To Your Needs

Our personalized response templates ensure that agents know exactly how to handle each call and that your messages include the exact information you require.


Your messages are promptly delivered in any form you prefer, including warm-transfer, paging, email and fax.


You can call-forward any number and use any number of phone lines.


Receive the Calls You Need

Make sure only emergency patient or physician's calls get through to you or your on-call staff immediately by having our agents screen out non-emergency contacts.


Our prescreening and prioritization system ensures that urgent calls are always handled promptly.


Manage Your Schedule

You and your colleagues can rest easier with our roster management system, which provides us with a schedule of on-call physicians.


Ask us about our web-based Online Appointment Scheduling system. With it, you and your office can check, add, delete or reschedule patient visits without overlap anytime from anywhere.


Ask us about our Medical Appointment Reminder Services.


Medical Answering Service with Speed, Compliance and Reliability

You don't like keeping patients waiting. Neither do we. We carefully study call traffic patterns and make sure we have enough staff on hand at all times.


Our agents are monitored and coached to provide top performance. We can record all contacts and store them for easy retrieval.


Detailed call reports can be faxed or emailed directly to your office each morning or at any time. You are stay informed of recent communication.


Our call centres are compliant with all US and Canadian privacy laws.


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