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Real Estate Answering

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Answering Services for
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Real Estate Answering Service — for Offices, Realtors & Agents

Close more deals, let AnswerNet answer your calls...

Let AnswerNet answer your calls so you can spend your time showing properties and closing deals.


Your real estate clients and customers need to reach you 24/7. The same goes for your employees, suppliers and contractors.


But what do you do when you can't answer the phone?


How do you handle nuisance calls and/or those you want to take care of later?


AnswerNet’s Telephone Answering Service is designed to make sure your calls are taken care of. Our centres stand ready to make sure you never miss a call. We’ll even page you or send text messages reminding you of appointments, addresses, supply directions or research on a property; whatever you need to make your Real Estate business run smoothly.


Our courteous, well-trained answering service agents respond to all calls promptly and to your high standards.


Our answering service agents represent your company. We customize the agent screen to provide your instructions as well as a profile and specific information about your company.


AnswerNet has extensive experience in booking property showings as well as message taking for realtor offices.

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