automated answering services

Improve Customer Service and Reduce Costs with Automated Answering Services

While a live operator is always preferred, there are times and situations where an automated attendant is a perfect way to route a call appropriately, allow a caller to leave an anonymous message, or save your company a lot of money by avoiding having to hire additional staff members.

If your customer service representatives are overwhelmed or only available at certain times, or if you receive calls when your receptionist is not there (lunches, breaks, after hours and on weekends), you should consider an automated answering service for the benefit of your business.


AnswerNet’s Automated Answering Services is much more than voice-mail. Our Interactive Voice Response Servicesknown as IVR, will offer a set of pre-recorded messages that provide step-by-step instructions and options for your callers.

The combination of both services gives your callers advanced touch-tone or voice options that can manage your call flow, route traffic appropriately and make language selections. Receive the capacity, reliability, and functionality you need from your voicemail.

Set up an automated system that can easily handle your overflow, overnight calls, and general customer service inquiries. Automated Answering Services can even “zero-out” to a live agent when the caller prefers to speak to a person.

AnswerNet’s services are customizable and can help reduce calling costs and boost your data collection efforts. This service is always active to ensure your customers get the answers they need.

automated answering services

Here are some additional options that are easily customizable to suit your answering service needs:

Voicemail Services

Auto-Attendant / Automated Receptionist

Reservationless Conference Calling

Fax Services

Text to Email/Text to Voicemail/Voicemail to Text Delivery

Language Routing/Service Routing

Automated Survey Response

Automated Hotlines

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