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Property Management

Property Management

24/7 Live Phone Answering,
Work Order Entry &
Dispatch Services

For Multi-Unit Residential Real Estate.

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Real Estate Work Order Management & Answering Services

Maintenance Tracking & Work Order Ticketing System

Using AnswerNet’s FirstLine Maintenance (FLM) online maintenance management and work order ticketing system, you can manage your real estate maintenance technician labour and expenses, find and fix building issues before they become problems and retain quality residents while attracting new ones!


FLM is designed for the multi-unit residential real estate industry. Our agents take real estate maintenance-related calls from your residents and enter their requests into FLM.


With FLM, you can:

  • Monitor your real estate in real-time with our interactive, web-based functions
  • View a full database of open and closed maintenance issues
  • Know what the problem really is before you get to the apartment / property
  • Review productivity of maintenance employees
  • Review service requests, status and timeliness of repair by individual properties
  • Enable managers to post system-wide messages such as on-call contact orders, unit, and tenants’ information
  • Advise residents and employees of building and unit status, and give them instructions if properties are damaged or destroyed
  • Let management staff instantly access links to key information on each property


Real Estate Maintenance Hotlines, Call Answering, and Dispatch Services

When using FLM-2.0, our trained professionals answer your exclusive, toll-free, 24/7 maintenance hotline. They gather all required information and input every service request into either AnswerNet’s web-based, multifamily real estate work order tracking system or your own. AnswerNet then automatically dispatches urgent requests based on each unique scenario.


With FLM-2.0, you can keep everyone—from the help desk to management—on the same page, ensuring a safe and functional residential community.

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