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AnswerNet provides hotline services to meet any business or organizational need.

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Critical Hotlines, Employee Hotlines & Customer Relations Hotlines

Trusted third-party hotline services…

As a third-party hotline service, we are trusted by corporations, government institutions and nonprofit and social service agencies to record and report information accurately and responsibly.


Individuals can speak anonymously and confidentially to our live hotline agents, who are sensitive to callers' needs. Our staff accurately and thoroughly obtains and documents information based on the protocols you provide. They will promptly escalate hotline calls to the right people inside your organization.


We can also manage and forward anonymous mail-in and email remarks and reports.


Rely On Our Capabilities

Our many years' experience supplying telephone answering services to medical, legal and government institutions mean you can count on AnswerNet to respond effectively on urgent matters.


Critical Hotlines

Here are a few examples of the critical hotlines that AnswerNet provides:

  • Crisis/Suicide Prevention
  • Abusive Behavior/Domestic Violence
  • Discrimination/Ethics Violations
  • Sexual Harassment/Hostile Work Environment
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • Unfair Labour Practices/Unsafe Working Conditions
  • Law/Regulations Violations
  • Suspicious Activity/Potential Terror Risk
  • Adverse Reaction
  • Employee Relations


Employee Hotlines

Your employees have a wide range of information needs. Let AnswerNet set up and staff employee hotlines, enabling you to quickly and accurately respond to workers.


Your staff can trust that their information will remain confidential by having us as a third party to take the calls. Their remarks are captured verbatim by trained agents who will ask for correct spellings of unusual terms and will read the callers' comments back to them at the conclusion of calls to ensure accuracy.


Our scripted live hotline agent solution delivers professional, accurate, consistent and cost-effective call experiences while maintaining complete caller anonymity and organizational privacy.


AnswerNet's scripting process routes call reports immediately, automatically and intelligently at the conclusion of calls to the appropriate person(s) within your organization. Call reports can also be made available via the Internet using password-protected web access.


Here are a few examples of the employee hotlines that AnswerNet provides:

  • Data Exposure/Identity Theft
  • Theft/Fraud/Embezzlement/Property Misuse
  • Vandalism/Unauthorized Personnel
  • Call-In/Out, Including Sick, Personal Days and Appointments
  • Accidents/Unsafe Work Practices/Safety Risks
  • Environmental Damage
  • Substance Abuse
  • Harassment
  • Job Openings/Screenings/Exit Interviews
  • General Employee Concerns
  • Equipment Malfunctions/Computer Hardware & Software Support
  • Disaster Response
  • Town Meetings/Corporate Events


Customer Relations Hotlines

Let AnswerNet's hotlines serve as your virtual customer service desks. Our agents take valuable comments and suggestions from callers and provide vital data for your marketing department, enhancing customer relations.


Here are a few examples of customer relations hotlines that AnswerNet provides:

  • Customer Feedback
  • Surveys
  • Promotions
  • How To
  • Instructional
  • Recall or Product Information


Timely and Accurate Hotline Reporting

You need to know quickly and accurately exactly what hotline callers are calling about. You also need to feel confident information is being documented exactly as it was provided. Obtain that critical data in customized daily, weekly or monthly reports, faxed or emailed directly to you.

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