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Live Chat Services

24/7 Live Website Chat Services

Let Answernet's call centre agents be
your live operators to answer the
chat requests for your website.

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Live Chat Services for Your Website

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Live Chat

A customer wants to place an order at 1:00am but needs personal assistance.


Your client is browsing your website and has a question about your product.


Seventy percent of all buying decisions are made at the point of sale. Web chat offers customers real time answers to their questions. Live chat pop-up boxes can invite customers to converse with our well-trained live agents from any web page, 24x7.


With the ability to review what has been said and to check over their own responses before replying, chatting is often more accurate for sales and customer service than talking. Our Live Chat technology enables one agent to handle several of your customers, simultaneously saving you money.


Skilled Customer Service Agents

Our Live Chat agents have been specially selected from our team based on above-average writing, typing and comprehension skills. This virtually ensures clear, concise and prompt interactions. We use standard response templates that improve reply accuracy, speed and agent productivity.


Easy to Use, Easy to Implement

Live Chat service is easy to implement. If you already have a chat solution on your website, our agents can be assigned as operators and answer the chat requests for you. If you do not have a live chat service already installed on your website our Technical Department can help you implement one.


Once Live Chat is installed on you website visitors can simply click on the icon you place on your web pages and a talk window will automatically launch.


Choose between a shared or dedicated-agent program for agent coverage to best fit your chat volume and needs.


Here are just a few examples of how our customers utilize live chat:

  • Take Orders
  • Answer Sales Questions
  • Live Dealer Locator
  • Customer Care
  • Email Marketing

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