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Lottery Fundraising Management Services

Lottery Fundraising

Call Centre Services for Lotteries

Our Winnipeg location is a licensed gaming service provider that can provide the call centre services for your lottery fundraising event.

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Certified Lottery Fundraising Management Services

Responsible, Certified

As a non-profit, you have likely managed a lottery as part of your fundraising strategy or are soon considering one. Lotteries are a great way to promote your organization’s brand and charitable endeavors but are not always cost-effective when executing a campaign in-house.


Additionally, trusting an organization with your charitable or fundraising event is not an easy decision. You want to work with a call centre that not only has years of experience handling inbound calls for a variety of non-profits, but also a vendor who is legally responsible and certified to handle your lottery. AnswerNet can help!


Call Centre Services for Fundraising Lotteries

Our Winnipeg location is a licensed gaming service provider, and can provide a myriad of customized inbound call centre services that can benefit your lottery or fundraising needs, including:

  • 24/7 Inbound telephone fundraising campaigns, including charitable lottery ticket sales and customer service
  • Donor feedback and customer service
  • Lapsed donor/member reactivation calling
  • Event registration
  • Lottery ticket printing & prize fulfillment
  • Online ticket ordering
  • Email announcements
  • Sweepstakes order processing



We’ve Managed Lotteries for Multiple Non-Profits in:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Cancer Research
  • Community Services
  • Education
  • Environmental & Animal Welfare
  • Health Services
  • Human Rights


Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution as compared to in-house management
  • Experienced with lottery programs
  • French and English-speaking agents


Key Features

  • Licensed Gaming Service Provider in Manitoba, Canada
  • 24/7/365
  • Lottery ticket and prize fulfillment
  • Customized scripting
  • DID and TFN available

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