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24/7 Order Processing Services

Let AnswerNet process your sales orders
by web or by phone 24/7/365.

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Order Entry, Order Taking & Order Processing Services

Extend your business hours and enhance your sales…

Using AnswerNet's 24/7/365 Order Entry and Order Taking Call Centre Services enables you to extend your business hours and enhance your sales, without having to increase the size of your staff.


AnswerNet is ready to take customers' calls and process your sales orders whenever you need us.


Our Order Entry / Order Taking packages can include any one, a combination or even all of the following order processing services:


  • Automated Order Entry
    Would you like to automate your telephone order entry process and cut down on staffing costs? Use our aVoice IVR interactive voice response technology with voice recognition to take orders by phone.

  • Credit Card Processing
    We offer a variety of credit card processing solutions to fit your specific needs. Using a secure bank routing number, we transfer funds directly into your account. We free your staff from administrative chores and speed up your cash flow.

  • Multi-Language and Communication Support
    Today's competitive market means communicating in your customers' language. We can provide Spanish or French-speaking agents and many more languages through our translation partners. Our TTY service connects with the hearing-impaired.

  • Timely Reporting and Results
    You need to know ASAP what is happening in sales, stock levels, which items are moving faster than others, and in which markets. Obtain that critical data in customized daily, weekly, or monthly reports - faxed or emailed directly to you.

  • Web & Customized Order Entry
    Do you sell your products and services on the Web? We can enter orders directly into your existing e-commerce web forms. Your orders arrive to you in real time, ready for fulfillment. Don't have an order entry system in place yet? We can design and customize one for you. Our scripting and IT experts let you concentrate on the other aspects of launching your campaign.


Use our services to extend your business hours and increase your sales without hiring additional staff!

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