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Product Recall Services

Product Recall Services

Recalling a product? Let us help.

AnswerNet provides call center services to meet all your product recall needs.

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Product Recall Services for Your Business

Product recalls can cost your business time and money...

If not handled properly, a recall can also harm your reputation and break the trust consumers have in your brand and your company.


AnswerNet’s product recall services can provide your business with a direct connection to your customers, ensuring accurate recall information is readily available in a timely manner.


This strengthens your brand’s customer relationships with clear, concise communication that addresses their concerns and resolves return, refund and/or repair issues.


Use AnswerNet’s Expertise for Your Product Recall

Our programs can be set up quickly to ensure that your product recall inquiries are expertly answered by highly trained, professional agents.


All AnswerNet product recall programs are scalable to fit the needs and capacity of your recall, whether a natural or man made disaster occurs, incoming calls unexpectedly spike, or staff needs to be reduced as a product recall concludes.


Managing Your Product Recall

AnswerNet’s specially trained agents are experts at taking customer calls, providing important recall updates and information, and relaying instructions for disposing of defective products.


AnswerNet’s product recall services can set up national and international multilingual hotlines and fulfillment centres.


Product Recall Call Centre Services

Count on AnswerNet’s product recall services to deliver helpful, accurate and timely information to your customers by:

  • Contacting your dealers and resellers
  • Reducing annoying callers' wait times
  • Utilizing outbound product recall notifications
  • Saving you money on equipment and staffing during a product recall


Product Recall Service Programs

AnswerNet’s Product Recall programs can provide your company with a wide array of product recall services, including:

  • Product Recall Planning & Prevention - for companies not currently involved in a product recall but taking actions to prevent one. Ensures timely response if a recall does occur.
  • Product Recall Help Desk Services – for companies that primarily need answering service and customer helpdesk support to handle the high volumes of customer calls.
  • Product Recall Help Desk & Fulfillment Services – for companies needing a more complete range of services, ranging from mail notifications and answering services to fulfillment services. This also includes processing and/or warehouse services for returns and replacements.
  • À La Carte Product Recall Services - for product recall consulting & management companies looking to partner with AnswerNet to supplement their own services.


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