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Website Order Entry

Website Order Entry Services

Telephone Order Entry
For Your Website

For website customers who prefer to speak with a live salesperson or have a question.

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Telephone Order Entry Services for Your Website

Order entry for customers who prefer to speak to a live person...

You have invested a lot of time and money into developing your e-commerce website. Many customers will shop on your website directly.


However, you may have many other customers who prefer the security of a live agent or just have a quick point-of-sale question... How do you still capture and retain those buyers?



Provide a toll-free number on your website and let our agents respond to your buyers 24/7. Our agents will log into your site and place the orders. You receive orders in real-time.


Do you offer a toll -free contact number on your website?

Use one of our available toll-free or vanity numbers to provide 24/7 sales and customer service support to your customers.


Is the item needed out of stock?

Offer substitute items and our agents will cross-sell for you.


Want to take credit cards?

We offer a variety of credit card processing solutions to fit your specific needs. Using a secure bank routing number that we can arrange for you, we transfer funds directly into your account.


Need an e-commerce web order-entry solution?

We can design and customize one for you. We'll do the scripting, database integration, testing and agent training, letting you focus resources on marketing and product development.


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