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Expand Your Business—Partner With AnswerNet!

Are your clients asking for services you currently do not offer?


Do you suddenly have more call volume than you can handle?


Are you seeking a company that can help expand your business, examine business opportunities and/or enable you to grow in new directions?


AnswerNet can help to build and maintain your business, boost relationships with your customers and tap into new markets. We can assist you in any business direction: expansion, diversification or sales that you wish to explore.


AnswerNet provides a full range of inbound, outbound, e-bound, telephone answering and fulfillment support services. Connect to your clients' contacts with live agents, voicemail, auto-attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), including outbound IVR and online appointment scheduling.


Our services are available in English and French, as well as other languages through our translation partners. We also provide TTY for the hearing-impaired.


Partner with AnswerNet for 24/7 coverage, after-hours, overflow, and disaster situations.


Outsourcer To Outsourcer Services

Find out how AnswerNet's features and services can complement yours to better serve clients and grow and retain business. Plan to sell part of your firm? See what we can bring to the table.


Value-Added Services

Looking for a profitable add-on to your software, hardware, telecom/Internet or office supply business? AnswerNet's services can fit the bill.


Call Centre to Call Centre Partnering

If you are a call centre, who do you call when you need a call centre? Whether you need overflow services to handle higher call volumes or have customers requesting services outside of your core competencies, AnswerNet can help. Learn more about AnswerNet's Call Centre Partnering Programs for call centres.


Independent Reps

Selling contact centre, telemessaging and fulfillment to your clients can provide you with a healthy revenue stream. Discover how AnswerNet's business can help boost yours!


Contact us and ask about our Partnering Programs.






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