Interactive Voice Response solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

AnswerNet's automated Interactive Voice Response Solutions offers your customers the ability to navigate menus and route callers to the appropriate departments. We also an automate simple processes, such as payment over the phone, scheduling meetings, check in/check out services...the options are limitless.

IVRs can automate many functions, helping a business reduce time and money. With AnswerNet, we tailor the IVR process to your exact specifications. With best-in-class call centre software and services, you can feel confident that you are providing a great customer experience every time.


Automated Messages and Prompts

IVR takes your customers on an easy-to-use, step-by-step ordering and appointment setting experience that reduces your business’ need for agent time on the phone.

You can also use IVR for your internal business needs with automated company directories, database applications and appointment setting with reminder services.

IVR is a multifaceted tool, enabling more effective outbound as well as inbound calling. It can also capture callers’ phone numbers and convenient callback times. As well as Qualify leads via our IVR application for follow-up calls by your agents, or ours, to make appointments or direct sales.

IVR  processes your calls in a more streamlined fashion than traditional telephone answering, reducing call times and saving you money!

Here are some other functions Interactive Voice Response Solutions can provide:

  • Allow you to configure personalized, pre-recorded messages and prompts
  • Collect important data from callers
  • Automated customer services process such as order taking or payments
  • Prioritize and route calls according to the caller's needs
  • Reduce stress during high call volumes
Interactive Voice Response solutions

A Variety of IVR Service Options to Meet Your Specific Need:

IVR Order Taking

IVR Routing

Call Back Feature

Automated Appointment Scheduling

Automated Appointment Reminders

Company Directory

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