Sell more to your current customers...

Using AnswerNet's Cross-sell / Up-sell Services, our professional B2B inside sales agents can segment your customer list into different product categories and approach your current customers who already have satisfactory products from you - about add-ons, upgrades, enhancements and more.

This customer is yours and yours alone. But why invest staff resources into easy-to-close add-on sales when AnswerNet can do the Cross-sell / Up-sell Services for you without leaving money on the table?

Cross- sell / Up-sell Services
Cross- sell / Up-sell Services

With AnswerNet telesales agents, you’ve built an effective list, established a trusted relationship, proven yourself committed to customer satisfaction, and you know what customers want and need. We understand that it is important to know your products. In order to cross-sell / up-sell your products, our agents are put through extensive training on your product.  The key to success in both is to really understand what your consumers are looking for then responding with products or additional options that meet those needs.




Key Features:

Zero Staffing Overhead Costs

Expert B2C and B2B Sales

PCI‐DSS Compliant

24/7 Availability Across All Time Zones

Complex Program Management

Custom-fit to Your Budget

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