Inside sales includes: setting appointments, generating leads, following up on sales calls, even closing sales for you...

AnswerNet's inside sales agents can act as your sales partner and are most effective when integrated seamlessly with every other aspect of a successful sales program. This means our agents will be integrated into your sales or marketing team to fully understand your business, your vision, and of course your product and services. Our team will work as part of your sales team to ensure a smoothly running sales machine. We accomplish this by working closely with you to ensure the agents are trained as you would a newly hired employee. The final step in the training process is testing the agents before letting them answer one call.

Our goals are the same as yours: reducing sales costs by growing the top line, expanding sales capacity, and obtaining that ever-so-important return on investment.

inside sales
inside sales

Inside sales services require a special skill – and one that AnswerNet agents can provide. Our agents are some of the most experienced in the industry. We continuously train in the areas of sales and soft skills. If the agent is struggling in any area they are removed from programs and singularly coached for improvement.

If your forte is face-to-face-selling, why not let AnswerNet’s sales agents act as your sales partners – setting appointments, generating leads, following up on sales calls, as well as closing sales for you. All with no internal staffing, little overhead, and no Human Resources.

Use our services during peak periods when your regular sales staff need an extra edge or build your sales team exclusively with AnswerNet's Inside Sales team!

Lead Generation/Lead Qualification

Customized Campaigns

List Scrubbing

Customer Satisfaction/Customer Retention

Appointment Setting

Event Registration

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