market research

Consumer data collection, surveys, polling

AnswerNet’s Market Research Services specialize in helping you and your clients collect critical consumer data so you can measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, create brand awareness, and gauge satisfaction and purchasing patterns, ensuring your market research efforts reach their full marketplace potential. In today’s market of limitless consumer choice, knowing precisely what customers want and need is the greatest competitive advantage a business can have.

AnswerNet conducts both inbound and outbound data collection campaigns and surveys using live agents and state‐of‐the‐art technology, such as Computer‐assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), email, and webchat.

AnswerNet’s Market Research Services also conduct political polling and surveys for our clients, measuring the effectiveness of civic leaders’ messages to their constituents to assist in campaign development.

With support from over 50 locations throughout the United States and Canada, AnswerNet’s Las Vegas‐based Market Research Services can support any size and scope of your market research campaign..

Our goal is to make you more successful, achieve long-term profitability and sustainability for years to come by integrating our products and services into your daily routine. AnswerNet’s mission is to provide our customers with the people, services and technology to allow them to run their businesses, their way.

market research
market research

Key features...

  • Data Collection
    ‐ Focus Group Recruitment
    - Focus Group Facilitation
    ‐ Live Agent Surveys
    ‐ Computer‐assisted (CATI) Research
    ‐ IVR Survey
    ‐ Email and Web Chat Surveys
  • Inbound Campaigns
  • Outbound Campaigns
  • In‐depth Reporting
  • Customizable Report Delivery
  • Political Polling
  • Experienced, Highly Trained Interviewers
  • Multi‐lingual Interviewers

Key Benefits:

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Verify Brand Awareness/Measure Brand Loyalty

Reach Full Marketplace Potential

Learn Purchasing Wants, Needs and Patterns

Confirm Viability of New Products

Collect Data to Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Anticipate Campaign Success Levels

PCI‐DSS Compliant

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