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Perfect for simple to highly complex products with short to long sales cycles.

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TeleSales: Telemarketing Services and Inside Sales Programs

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Telesales for Any Telephone-based Sales Program

AnswerNet telesales and telemarketing services are ideal for any telephone-based sales program. This can range from highly complex technical product sales, to one-call close consumer product sales, to lead generation programs and appointment setting for your Outside Sales staff to close. The choice is yours.


What is Telemarketing? What is Telesales?

Telemarketing is a service that generates interest, creates opportunities, provides information, gathers customer feedback, makes appointments and produces leads by telephone.


Telesales is a service that sells your products or services directly to the customer by telephone. Telesales (sometimes referred to as "Inside Sales") continues the marketing and sales process by working to convert the leads generated by telemarketing into closed sales and can include cross-selling and up-selling additional services.

Telesales and Telemarketing — First Steps of the Sales Process

Telesales and telemarketing are the first steps of the sales process. Your represntatives create trust by establishing relationships and offering in-depth product knowledge, and by understanding the pain points of the prospect. It just so happens that the sales representatives work in inside/outside sales teams or may be exclusively located in a call centre, and may be the prospect's single point of contact.

AnswerNet’s experience in telemarketing and telesales is vast in range and experience. Whether selling highly complex software or technology products or season tickets to your favorite sport, or the latest “as seen on TV” consumer trend – AnswerNet telesales and telemarketing is there.


AnswerNet telesales representatives can be an addition to, or replace entirely, an in-house sales team.


Market Research Services

AnswerNet also provides market research services to help you and your clients collect critical consumer data. This allows you to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, create brand awareness, and gauge purchasing patterns. The results from Market Research Services can be helpful in designing new Telemarketing and Telesales campaigns.


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