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Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services

A cost-effective alternative to a traditional receptionist with 24/7 answering services.

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Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Assistant or Remote Secretary

Keep In Touch Anywhere, Anytime With
Virtual Receptionist Services

Virtual receptionist services remotely provide many of the same receptionist services a regular receptionist performs plus 24/7 telephone answering service coverage. You can use our virtual receptionist service as your virtual assistant or remote secretary.


Need to ensure your calls will be answered quickly, at all times?


Looking for a more flexible, cost-effective way of screening, directing and handling phone calls, email and faxes than traditional on-site receptionists?


The Solution is Virtual Receptionist Services!


You will never miss a call when an AnswerNet virtual receptionist answers for you 24/7/365. Our virtual receptionists are also there when your receptionists are busy or away from the office.


Experienced, well-trained virtual receptionist agents triage and direct calls, and can also call patch/warm-transfer calls to landlines, including VoIP, to cell numbers or into easily retrieved voicemail. Virtual receptionists can even send voicemails to cell phones, laptop or wireless devices as emails.


Virtual Receptionist As Your Virtual Assistant or Remote Secretary

Use our Virtual Receptionist Service as your virtual assistant or remote secretary. A virtual receptionist can be perfect as your virtual office assistant.


Wherever your employees are, an AnswerNet virtual receptionist can reach them.


Minimize staffing and facilities requirements and lessen risks of unauthorized access into your buildings by having visitors call and directed to AnswerNet virtual receptionists to confirm appointments with employees.


Our virtual receptionists can reply to your customers in English or French and many more languages through our interpreting partners.


Let AnswerNet’s Email Receptionist Service acknowledge, screen, sort and direct emails. Our agents can call or page you about urgent messages and read or forward them. We can page and dispatch urgent calls, and also escalate important emails.


AnswerNet’s Fax Mailbox Service lets you pick up and retrieve faxes at your convenience from anywhere at any time. Our fax service receives them for you in special mailboxes, then transfers them to you when your line is free.


Transition your inbound calls, emails and fax handling to AnswerNet’s virtual receptionists until you are settled into new and/or replacement facilities.


Manage your appointments and avoid overlap with AnswerNet’s Online Appointment Scheduling Service. Easy to update, it can also send out reminder emails to you and your customers.


Order Virtual Receptionist Service Today!

If you are looking for a more flexible, cost-effective way of contact screening and directing than traditional 9-to-5 receptionists - or just need coverage when your regular receptionist is away - AnswerNet's virtual receptionists can help!


Contact us today to see if a virtual receptionist will meet your needs.


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