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Call Centre Services

Call Centre Services

24/7 Call Centre Services

A huge selection of Call Centre Services. Replace or supplement your in-house staff. Outsource business tasks. Save money.

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Call Centre Services

When you think of Call Centre Services, think of AnswerNet

AnswerNet offers a huge selection of Call Centre Services, which can enhance your Telephone Answering Service, replace or supplement your in-house staff, or outsource many business tasks completely, saving you time and money.


Imagine, you can take and process orders, take payments, do billing, make appointments, have a 24 hour receptionist, send text messages, manage email and postal mail, accept packages, and manage a complex schedule without having to hire any additional staff.


AnswerNet Call Centre Services agents are experienced and trained to handle the needs of any office.


Coupled with customized instruction and training about your business, your use of a Call Centre for some or all of your administration is completely seamless to your customers.


You pay only for the time you use – saving money, and making the most efficient use of your precious office time and staff.

When you think of Call Centre Services, think of AnswerNet. Operators are standing by!


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BPO Services - Business Processes You Can Outsource to AnswerNet

Here are examples of business processes you can outsource to AnswerNet:


See Business Process Outsourcing (Overview) page for more about our BPO Services


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